New Edition join Johnny Gill for his new single

Whilst almost every member of New Edition is getting heavily involved with the creation of their biopic, it’s not surprising that the members involved want to get new music out. There’s no better timing than to have things coincide, of course.

Johnny Gill and New Edition

Johnny Gill ensured we didn’t have to wait so long  for a musical reunion of the group. His new single, “This One’s For Me And You”, features New Edition and, as you would expect, it’s everything a classic R&B song should be.

Game Changer

The track is taken from his album, “Game Changer”. The album was released in 2014 on his own label, but this song has just been released on March 1st. It’s received enough airplay to reach Billboard’s R&B Airplay chart at number 4.

Operating as an indie artist now, Johnny may have a little more trouble pushing his music to a large audience, but his skills as a vocalists is still not going by unnoticed (as this article at Billboard shows).

Video Premiere

The video for the song was published today, but unfortunately for me, it’s not made available for my current location. Hopefully you will have better luck viewing it here.

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