Nas extends investment portfolio with something buggy

Published March 8th 2016 

Nas feeds you crickets

Nas feeds you crickets

Rapper Nas is one of the many musicians who’s an avid investor, especially in startup companies. Already having backed music mastering company LANDR as current as last year, and companies like 500 Startups and DeviantArt a few years ago, he is now putting his money into a protein bar.

Nas Provides Energy

The startup, Exo, has been the latest company to receive a financial injection from Nas. They make energy bars based on flour created with crickets. The crickets are packed with protein and iron, which is one of the reasons why many people are starting to eat more insects nowadays.

The company expects that they will go head to head with any of the usual and generally accepted other protein sources. Especially because it also makes their bars completely gluten, soy, dairy and sugar free. They have raised a total of $4 million to give it their best go, which includes the investment from Nas.


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