Makers of Official Prince Sites Create an Online Museum

Published July 4th 2016


Prince was really into new media

Earlier this year I wrote a blog about David Bowie. On request of Kurrent Music, I was asked to describe what I most remember about him and I couldn’t help but highlight his entreneurship in the early days of Internet. As one of the few, he didn’t see a problem, but an opportunity in what this new media could offer. He was not alone.

Prince Saw Internet As A Ticket To Freedom

Prince also say the Internet’s potential to directly sell his music with his audience and cut out the record company he already felt enslaved by. So, since 1994 Prince started using the Internet in a similar way to Bowie.

Online Museum

Over the years, Prince has had many official websites and all the web teams of all these websites have pulled together to create a great online museum. It’s, yet another, website that gives you a great overview of all of the official sites Prince had launched since his Internet debut. They also explain his vision with all these sites. Check out the website at

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