It’s proven: Food tastes better with the right music

Published April 6th 2015

Just last week I was watching a food program on TV showing a Dutch restaurant that was using certain sounds to enhance the food experience. For instance, a seafood dish would be served on a bpttm plate that would perfectly conceal a music player playing the sounds of the ocean. This would make you feel like you were really on sea and should make your food taste better.

A behavioural psychologist from Oxford University (UK) has taken this idea a step further and researched the connection between music and flavour. High pitched sounds in music match sour, rich sounds match sweet and low sounds match bitter. The music would enhance the flavours and can actually be used to trick you into thinking your food taste different than it actually does.  You could even improve the enjoyment of that glass of wine by 15% when the right music is played. So forget a good conversation over dinner, bring your head phones instead.

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