It’s International Artist Day today

Published October 25th 2015

International Artist Day

International Artist Day

Today is the day to celebrate your favorite artist and show some support to your local artists. It’s International Artist Day.

Canadian painter Chris MacClure started this day, exactly 10 years ago, in order to bring recognition to the world of art. Artists, within whatever art form they operate, bring their special view to life and the world which deserver to be celebrated.

With him, many companies and art institutes are organizing various events to put art and artists front and center. Uber, for instance, is organizing several events in LA to celebrate their creative drivers.

Without art, life would be pretty boring. We all enjoy art daily, from the music that’s playing in the background at the office, to a a painting that makes you drift away in dreams. So, which artist will you be celebrating today?

Online, fans of any artist, great or small, are keen to share that love. They do so by creating great fan art or writing about music, like I do. Some others love to edit their own videos together and post those on YouTube. And musicians record their own tribute versions of the songs they love.

It’s important to keep that going and keep sharing. Even though all art disciplines are facing problems, keeping it alive as a business – with sales dropping and retracting grants due to cuts – art will always exist. We, as people, will always pick up a brush to paint, a guitar to play music or use whatever technology available to create.

Still, art must survive and artistic education should be available for everyone to get into, and not become something for the richest amongst us.

The art scene will have to find it’s entrepreneurship and the consumer should ideally realize that art is not free. If you’re not paying for it, the money has to come from somewhere, so expect product placement in songs or advertising. Either way, an artist can not come to it’s full potential if he or she can’t commit to it fully and I can tell you, from first hand experience, it’s hard to keep working on art if you have a demanding day job doing something else.

So, today is the day for you to celebrate art and artist. Think about buying a cd, painting, framed picture or making a contribution to an art center. And if that’s not your thing, turn the spotlight on your favorite unknown artists by sharing something on your social media accounts, ‘cos the best of music and the best of paintings, are not in the greatest museums or in the charts, but they are there, in the unkown.


PS: I don’t know who made the fan art I’ve used in my graphic, but they are amazing, aren’t they?


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