How Rihanna kicked off her “ANTI” tour last weekend


Published March 14th 2016


Rihanna surprises with Anti tour

Rihanna has kicked off her “ANTI” tour last weekend in Jacksonville, Florida. While Travis Scott’s opening act didn’t seem to warm up the press, which was later blamed on failed technology, Rihanna’s show has been well received.

Rihanna’s Outrageously Surprising

The “ANTI” tour, reportedly, holds many outrageous surprises. The show’s production supposed to be massive, but Rihanna is able to hold her own against it. In about 90 minutes she runs through 27 songs, with many costume changes and tight dance routines, choreographed by Parris Goebel.

Oddly enough, no encore was given once the 90 minutes were up.

Good Views

Rihanna is one of the many artists today, who’s making sure you will always be able to catch a glimpse of her at some point in the show. This already starts at the beginning of the show. While a video might be distracting you on the main stage, Rihanna, will actually appear at the back of the venue and float across the audience back to the main stage.

I, personally, am so happy many artists are doing these types of things. It had been an irritation of mine for many years to go to concerts and still have to watch a video screen to see the artist.

To find out more about the show on Saturday, read the Rihanna concert review at


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