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Guns N Roses to return in classic form on Coachella 2016

Published December 30th 2015

It was buzzing with rumors for weeks that Guns N Roses were about to reunite. “Should they?” Would they?” Several media outlets and bloggers let their opinion be heard on the matter.

Then, two days ago, the rumors got fueled again due to a tweet by Duff McKagan

It seems like the impossible could actually be happening and then, suddenly, Billboard says it most definitely will. Guns N Roses are reuniting.

Axl Rose and Slash together for the first time since 1993

When you think of Guns N Roses, you think of Axl Rose and Slash, but Guns N Roses began to lose its original members since 1990. Lead singer Rose and Slash, last shared a stage together in 1993 and Slash officially left the band, altogether, in 1996. Though Guns N Roses have always continued to perform with new members surrounding Rose.

Now, the band appears to be set to perform at Coachella 2016, BUT with key members Axl Rose and Slash. This is music history.

According to Bilboard’s article, two sources close to the band have confirmed the news to them.

The band would not only be in negotiations for Coachella, but even negotiate a full stadium tour with promoters.

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