Chris Brown launches content discovery platform

Published November 27th 2015

Chris Brown, apparently, launched a second official website this  month. In contradiction to his first official website,, the new one looks a lot like a content discovery platform.

When you browse news- or blog sites, you may notice these blocks at the bottom with sensationalized headlines, suggesting special posts selected for you from “around the web”. We call those click baits. These links and articles are offered by content discovery platforms, using content from advertisers to draw traffic to their websites. They are a new form of advertising.

The term “content discovery platform” is pretty confusing, because the same term is used to describe websites like YouTube and Vevo, who have a slightly different objective.

However, Chris Brown seems to embark on the first with his new site By offering a wide range of content on his website and referring to it from his social media channels, he hopes to attract a large audience to his website, for which he clearly teamed up with a content partner.

It’s an interesting strategy that I couldn’t resist to discuss with other online marketing professionals on LinkedIn, so I wrote a blog about.

Read my blog about it on LinkedIn Pulse

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