BET biopic about New Edition to air next year

Published January 9th 2016

In the recent string of new biopics that are made, we can add yet another that is in the making.

BET has announced it’s programming for the upcoming season. Among their productions are a few music related shows, like the previously announced show with Kelly Rowland and another look behind the scenes of the music business with Jermaine Dupri and Snoop Dogg in “Music Moguls” and various musical entrepreneurs in “Inside The Label”.

But also, currently already in preproduction, a biopic existing of three episodes about New Edition.

New Edition was formed when the members were still young boys. In 1983 they had massive success in the States and the UK and paved the way for many other boy bands, especially New Kids On The Block, who also originated from Maurice Starr’s production company.

The group had a series of bad deals that resulted in the members, basically, working for free for a long time, despite major success with hits such as “Candy Girl” and “Mr Telephone Man”. Tention between members also grew and has always been a source of gossip for the press to speculate about, especially concerning Bobby Brown.

Over the years the group has split and reunited a few times, even performing with all 6 members, who were at one time performing in the group, in 1996.

Jesse Collins (who also produced “Real Husbands Of Hollywood”) is in charge of the production and works closely together with New Edition’s long time manager Brooke Payne.

New Edition expressed to be happy about the prospect of their own biopic and are keeping an eye on the project themselves to make sure the story is told from their side. Fans of the group, had also hoped for a biopic about the band, which resulted in an independent moviemaker to even go as far as to shoot a trailer, which also operated as an open audition for the director’s chair of the official biopic. They were still looking for a director in August 2015, so who know’s what’s possible.

Bobby Brown is the only New Edition member, who’s reportedly not involved in the biopic.

No actors have been casted yet, but there’s still time. The biopic should hit the small screens next year.

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