Behind the classics: Madonna’s “Bedtime Stories”

Published October 7th 2014

Madonna "Bedtime Stories" cover

Madonna “Bedtime Stories” cover

Currently a lot is being said about a new Madonna album that she’s working on, but luckily she has a great catalog to look back on too. This year her album “Bedtime stories”  is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. I have to admit, that in terms of her image in this era of her career, I was not fully connecting with her the way I had before. It was a bit of an overkill. Even though she was all about sex in these days, there is some truth in “too much of a good thing…”. Musicwise she was playing with any sound that was popular at the time. A litte bit of Hip Hop, a little bit of experimental stuff (with Bjork’s help), a little bit of the soulish sounds from Babyface. It’s something that lifts this album up and makes it interesting. And still, to this date, it’s fun to listen to this album.

Read what Babyface and Donna Delory say about this album (Billboard)


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