Adele sings brand new song live

Published November 17th 2015

Adele has released a video of her performing her favorite song from her new “25” album, due out this Friday. The song is called “When We Were Young”, a power ballad described as an “Elton John kind of song” by Adele in her big interview with Rolling Stone magazine. It’s clearly a different type of song than “Hello”.

“When We Were Young” was written by Adele in collaboration with Tobias Jesso Jr. The video was uploaded this morning, following Adele sharing a snippet of the song yesterday.

Record breaker “Hello”, her official current single, is still going strong. It’s been streamed over 7 million times since it’s release. Adele’s performance of the song at the NRJ Awards is also well viewed on YouTube.

Many other artists have already covered “Hello”. Demi Lovato has recently joined that list, who’s recently performed the song during a live performance.

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