3 New and Original R&B Christmas songs

Published December 22nd 2015 

Yesterday, I’ve introduced you to a few original Christmas songs by unknown and independent artists. I’ve had the genres Pop, Dance, Folk and Country represented, but later I’ve found a few tracks by R&B artists, so I decided to create a new article especially to introduce you to those. Here they are:

Daron Jones – Christmas In The Air

Daron Jones, as a solo artist, is doing it independently and he uses all he can to get his music out there. He streams live various days a week, covers songs for YouTube videos and releases indie albums every once in a while. He recently released a Christmas album called “Christmas in Atlanta”. It features last year’s release, “Baby For Christmas”, the traditional classics and a few originals, from which the R. Kelly sound a like “Cold Outside” is the least corny.

O’G3ne – Power Of Christmas

O’G3ne (pronounced as Oh Gene)  are a Dutch girl group formed by sisters, who entered The Voice last year and won. They are known for their strong harmonies, which make them perfect for the holidays. They’ve released an original Christmas song, written by their dad, this year called “Power Of Christmas”. There’s no official video for this song, so here’s a TV performance:

Myrna Braza – Christmas Is You & Me

Norwegian Myrna Braza, to me, is completely unknown. I ran into a Christmas ballad she’s also currently released in support of her Christmas album. The ballad “It’s Christmas” is not exactly a track you would hear on the radio, but it does show that Myrna knows how to sing. I chose her second single “Christmas Is You & Me” because it’s a little more upbeat. Unfortunately, it’s got all the cheesy references to other songs, but it’s a fun song nevertheless.

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