The Emotional Release Of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus probably was just planning to have a little holiday, when some fans pointed out the missing wedding ring on a picture. A statement followed and, quickly after, an emotional release.

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart

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Miley Cyrus Drops A Surprise

I barely uploaded my blog about how quickly artists are releasing new music nowadays and Miley Cyrus does just that. She’s still enjoying the success of her EP “She Is Coming”, as well as her current single “Mother’s Daughter”. Nevertheless, she release a new non-EP song.

Working Things Through

The release is a response to her break up from husband, Liam Hemsworth. The news of their split took the world by surprise, last week. As a true artist, Miley uses music to heal and work through her thoughts and feelings.

Slide Away

“Slide Away” is an emotional release, which came after days of speculation, false quotes and reactions. Liam’s very wisely keeping to himself, so I’m quite surprised that Miley has chosen music to respond with.

No, let’s rephrase that. I’m not surprised she uses music to work through things, but I am surprised she’s releasing it.

Great Breakup Song

The bottom line is that the song is actually a really good breakup song. Altogether, I think that Miley is on a creative high right now. I love her EP. You know how your emotions are intensified when you go through rough stuff, so maybe that’s what’s driving all these good songs she’s dropping.

Personal Hit

“Slide Away” has enough references in it to understand it’s about her current situation. Somehow, I think she intended the release as an attempt to get people to shut up about it and give her a break, but it did the opposite. Now her heartbreak is a hit.

The Other Side

As much as it all makes sense from Miley’s perspective, I wonder how Liam’s taking it. Her message is loud and clear that he, too, should let things slide away. It’s hard enough hearing something like that once from someone, let alone on repeat on the radio.

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