The best YouTube Christmas a cappellas

Published December 24th 2015 

I only know about Christmas carollers from American Christmas movies, but with the Internet I can now also enjoy something similar. Of course, our favorite YouTube singers, must have also turned their hands, I mean vocals, on the holiday songs, so here are a few of the best a cappellas.

Sam Robson – O Holy Night

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this guy looks like a young Bob Ross, Sam Robson lays down a perfect “O Holy Night”

Eclipse 6 – Do You Hear What I Hear?

Eclipse 6 have a wide selection of a capella songs to choose from, including live performances, in all genres. So, it was incredibly difficult to pick one favorite, but they managed to make “Do You Hear What I Hear?” really fun to listen to, so that scored points for me. Here it is:

Julia Westlin – White Christmas

Julia Westlin made a beautiful version of “White Christmas”. I did place it at the bottom though, because it can get a bit boring midway through. This version is not for everyone, but if you love a bit of a celtic sound, this will absolutely rock your mind.

Pentatonix – The First Noel

Not exactly unknown at all, but I couldn’t resist, but to add the latest Pentatonix video to this list as well. It’s from their repackaged Christmas album

Ai Ninomiya – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Ok, among all the a capella arrangements you can find on YouTube, this is not the best, but the girl kept the tempo and she makes me smile when she starts dancing, so here’s Ai Ninomiya

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