Song review: Missy Elliott – I’m better

Written for Kurrent Music
Published on January 28th 2017

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott review

No One Does It Better

It’s not just pun That got me blogging about this song After two days of migraining I caughta buzz about Missy bein’ back slaying It’s not just I who’s been under the weather M.E. too has got good talk saying “I’m better”

Well, I stop the rhyming now, even though it’s really tempting to do the whole blog this way and I heard we had a national rhyme day somewhere this week. However, my social media had been blowing up these past days about this song, while I had to take a well-needed, but very forceful rest. “I’m Better” didn’t only come as an impressive track, but the video is equally impressive.

As usual the video features dance moves you can only expect from Missy Elliott. She always manages to introduce new things to hip hop moves and this time is no different. The girl has got a clear artistic vision and is also partially responsible for the choreography you see in the video. I’m sure it has, again, inspired a generation of dancers.

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