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Shakespears Sister Rides Again

If you remember the 90s, then you remember “Stay” by Shakespears Sister. The massive hit literally stayed in the charts for weeks and I loved it, back then. Well, they’re back. And believe me, that’s a big surprise!

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Shakespears Sister

Shakespears Sister ride into the sunset

Shakespears Sister Couldn’t Stay

Shakespears Sister was the brainchild of Siobhan Fahey. For years, she was part of UK girl group Bananarama. Initially, they were a new age group. However, they went on to precede many Stock, Aitken & Waterman bubbly pop acts, during their heyday in the 80s and 90s. The group’s talent for songwriting and music production got lost among the success of the production trio, whom dubbed themselves the Hit Factory. Still, there was one difference. Bananarama helped created their own hits, where others just came in and sang their songs. Siobhan left.


Shakespears Sister was her anti-Bananarama. Everything about it contradicted her days as a girl group member. Dark hair and even darker make up, but most of all, a more artsy approach to album artworks and videos. Though Siobhan wanted to go solo, Shakespears Sister became a duo. Marcella Detroit joined and provided the squeaky high counterbalance to Siobhan’s warm lower and mid vocal range. To me, the combination became their signature sound. They had hits with “Stay” and “You’re History”, among others, before rumors of tension between the two split the duo up.

All The Queen’s Horses

It’s that tension that is being referred to in their new song, “All The Queen’s Horses”. Yes, they reunited. It’s surprised me as much as Siobhan rejoining Bananarama for their tour in 2017, but hey, comebacks and reunions are the thing right now.

The song is about a love/hate relationship, which is set on an Americana and Country & Western musical backtrack. Exactly, not what I usually write about. It’s not even a song that really grabs your attention. However, the very fact that it’s there, to me, was worth writing about. And I like the concept of their video. It’s jam-packed with references to “Stay”. I’m sure it represents how the two got back together.

BTW, the song itself could do very well on soundtracks of movies.

Ride Again

I predict this reunion is a temporary one. A Shakespears Sister compilation album, “Singles Party”, will be released on July 19th. “All The Queen’s Horses” is one of two new songs created for the album. The ladies will go on tour as well in October/November. Catch them on their “Ride Again” tour across the UK.

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