Why Music Biopics Are On The Rise

Biopics have always been popular. We love them! It doesn’t matter where. On TV, on streaming services and on the big screen, we collectively love looking into the life of the rich and famous. Curious about what really happened.

The Biopic Definition

The meaning of the word “biopic” is simply a combination of a biography and picture (as in movie).

A biopic is a non-fictional story of someone’s life, usually from their own perspective, but sometimes told through the reports of others. If done well, it uses well known facts and dives deep into the story to fill in the blanks.

The objective of a biopic is to give viewers more insight to how certain events unfolded. Some celebrities used it to set the record straight.

The Trap Of Playing Real People

Nevertheless, for actors, biopics are a real challenge to play in. They are playing real people. In most cases, people we know really well. It puts actors in a vulnerable spot.

Straight Outta Compton

The success of NWA’s biopic, “Straight Outta Compton“, prompted the recent string of upcoming biopics. It’s no surprise other great acts from the Hip Hop scene want in on that success.

For instance, Raekwon thinks about a biopic on his Wu Tang Clan now. No plans are definite for this yet though.


However, movies are currently filmed about deceased rapper Tupac. The film “7 Days” shows his last week alive, before he got shot in Vegas, in 1996.

For another movie, his whole life story is filmed with Marcc Rose; the same actor who played Tupac in “Straight Outta Compton“. Tupac’s family talking with these film makers about the rights of the story, but it looks set to go.

Bessie Smith

Former rapper turned actress, Queen Latifah, played roles in biopics before. In fact, currently, she promotes her latest film about blues singer Bessie Smith. She played lead.

Master P

While she still wraps that up, she announced her involvement in the upcoming Master P biopic. The film, “Ice Cream Man: The King of The South“, is due out next year.

Nina Simone

However, there’s one upcoming biopic in the works for years. It’s about Nina Simone.

Recently, it received criticism for casting Zoe Saldana to play her and last year, in Cannes, a preview of the movie sparked legal action. Despite all the setbacks, Nina still gets a release this year.

Aretha Franklin

Another music legend featured in her own biopic is Aretha Franklin. This looks like a big production. The movie is produced by the same movie producer as “Straight Outta Compton“. Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson is expected to get the lead role. It’ll be role of a lifetime.

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