Missy Elliott Drops Iconic Nostalgia

Music fans have missed Missy Elliott. This year has been an amazing year for Missy. The acknowledgement of her significance in music just kept on coming. Now, she’s giving something back: New music to show she still got it.

Showin’ How It’s Done

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The Missy Elliott Impact

You can never know if a new sound is just a fluke or if it really changed music until time has passed.

However, Missy Elliott and Timbaland are an iconic combination of music producers / artists. They brought everlasting change, which we saw happening, as it happened.

Missy’s own rap music shaped the sound of other female rappers today.

A Year Of Credit Where Credit’s Due

So, it’s not that strange that MTV created a pop up Missy Elliott museum (for which tickets sold out in a heartbeat) and awarded her the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award this year.

This came after an induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and receiving an honorary doctorate at the Berklee College of Music. All in one year.

Studio Nerd

Despite all the honors for her work, Missy’s mostly worked on music for others. She’s stayed on our radar by dropping some singles, here and there, but mainly by featuring on tracks by others. Recently, with Lizzo on “Tempo”.

However, her own full album stems from 2005!


Finally, after much hinting on social media, she changed that today.

Missy dropped an EP with 5 tracks called “Iconology” with the opening number, “Throw It Back”, as the single. It’s got a truly M.E. style video; colorful and energetic. Additionally, it’s jam-packed with references to her career, the museum and MTV. Yep, let her show you how it’s done.

Still Current

It’s amazing how she reclaims her place in today’s music, because let’s face it. She was miles ahead and the other female rappers are just catching on.

“Throw It Back” and “Cool Off” show off her hip hop roots, while “DripDemeanor” and “Why I Still Love You” add some r&b flavor.

Miss Demeanor Skills

The latter reminds us that Missy’s a singer too. It’s easy to overlook her career actually started as a member of a girl group.

“Why I Still Love You” gives of a taste what else could be on the horizon, because I think she should sing more, too. It’s probably why the acapella version was added as the EPs 5th track. I predict a lot of DJs and producers will go mad on that, while I just put this song on repeat.

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