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How Mark Ronson Deals With Heartbreak

It’s not like I’ve been keeping a close eye on Mark Ronson, but that’s the funny thing about music. Even when you pay a little attention to someone, it’s enough to spot change. Music tells all. And there was a change in Mark’s music that told me something was up.

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Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson deals with heartbreak

Mark Ronson Dares To Be Different

OK, it’s not like Mark’s been super consistent within his musical genres. He’s not only making bangers like his Bruno Mars collaboration, “Uptown Funk”. Throughout his career, he’s made all sorts of music productions. The only thing his own releases have in common, is that they contain a retrospective element. He updates something old. Though still… the upbeat nature from recent years seems replaced by something moody.

Late Night Feelings

I should’ve seen it when he released “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” with Miley Cyrus – heartbreak wasn’t a fluke topic. However, it’s only when I heard his new song, “Late Night Feelings”, I started to wonder what was going on. “Late Night Feelings” with Lykki Li is open to interpretation. You can find it seductive and suggestive, which is enhanced by the video. However, my initial impression was that it sounded like it was written from a depressive state. Either way, it’s the title track of Mark’s upcoming album.

Mending A Broken Heart

The mood, the broken heart. I found out Mark’s gone through a divorce, and put his emotions into his upcoming album in which heartbreak is a major topic. So far, I think he’s managed to build a bridge between sadness and dance music that is quite interesting. It was at the front of the song with Miley, but it’s also there in the background in his collaboration with Lykke Li. Somehow, I’m not sure what to expect from this album because of it. The album will be out on June 21st and also features Alicia Keys and Camila Cabello. The latter’s been sharing bits and pieces of their collaboration, which sounds uplifting. I’m a bit confused.

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