Mariah Carey returns to her Sony roots?

Mariah CareyA few days ago, a rumor emerged that Mariah Carey could be leaving Def Jam/Universal to team up with LA Reid and Sony… again.

Mariah Carey Returns

Mariah left Sony, after about 10 years, for EMI/Virgin in 2000. At that time, she signed the biggest record deal ever ($100 million for 4 albums).

In 2002, after just one flopped album (“Glitter”), EMI/Virgin bought her out of her contract. Mariah Carey found new a home with Def Jam/Universal ($20 million for 3 albums and the start of her own label), with whom she’s currently still signed.

Low Sales

The label released her last 6 albums. Her recent album, “Me.I.Am Mariah”, didn’t live up to its expectations. Reportedly, Mariah holds the label responsible for its low sales numbers (not even 250.000 copies – A far stretch for someone who used to sell 5 to 10 million copies in her Sony era).

It Starts With A Meeting

In the mean time, LA Reid, had left Def Jam for Epic Records and is now responsible for the success of many big acts today. So, when he was spotted with Mariah and Epic’s marketing/PR expert Laura Swanson, it the rumors started.

Sony vs Def Jam

Personally, I loved her Sony era, including the cross over albums in which she combined pop with R&B and Hip Hop. She wanted to explore those two last genres and Def Jam was a great place for that, but I, as well as a lot of main stream fans, lost interest in her music after a while.

A New Era

However, I carry hope she will come up with a refreshing sound IF she goes back to Sony. Can’t wait to see what happens. I think she’s made interesting choices with her talent. I recognize the fight for freedom and identity to do what you love, even when others think you should’ve done something else.

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