Madonna Demos Raised More Than Expected

Despite efforts by producer, Patrick Leonard, to deflate the value of old Madonna demos, they were auctioned off for way more than estimated.

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10 Cassette tapes with demos recorded by Madonna were auctioned along with 60 other personal belongings.

80s Madonna

Madonna’s early days have always fascinated me. For some reason, her road to fame – as well as the rest of her 80s years – interests me more than the story of how she kept success up, all these years. To me, songwriters like Stephen Bray and Patrick Leonard are such a massive part of those good ol’ days (among others).

Angels With Dirty Faces

So, I was quite happy when Patrick opened a YouTube page, recently, and shared 3 rough demo recordings of their sessions for the “Like A Prayer” album.

He dropped “Cherish”, “Like A Prayer” and the complete version of the unreleased “Angels With Dirty Faces”. The latter sounds like it belongs in the “Who’s That Girl?” era, but I’m so glad to finally hear the full track as snippets of the song were going around for a few years.

Friend Or Foe

Patrick uploaded the tracks in support of Madonna, who’d been trying to stop an auction of 70 of her personal belongings. This included 10 cassette tapes of demo recordings. It also contained a handwritten letter from Tupac to Madonna, which was much publicized for its content. All items were put up for auction by Madonna’s former friend and art advisor, Darlene Lutz.

Rock n Roll Auction

Last week, the auction took place. After two years of legal battles, that almost famous Tupac letter didn’t even sell.

However, Patrick’s attempt to decrease the value of those demos, by making the recordings public, didn’t work. It did the opposite. The cassette tapes were expected to make $100 each, but bids started with 6x the estimate.

The tape from the “Like A Prayer” era was auctioned for over $3,600. If Patrick monetized those songs on YouTube, he probably made more on those songs in advertisement income though.

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