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Lizzo Does It All Big

Lizzo knows her purpose in life. It’s not just music, but to show the world self acceptance and self love in its best form.

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Lizzo loves you

Lizzo Breaks The Rules

There’s no getting around Lizzo. Her major breakthrough came with the 70s disco sounding, bottle popping, “Juice” and she’s been on a roll since. Her album, “Cuz I Love You” introduced her to the masses, and how! Lizzo was buzzing for some time, but she’s arrived at her momentum. Lizzo uses her influence to spread love and positivity. With it, she shuts up whoever tries to shoot her vibe down.

Altering The Idea Of Perfection

They say the millennial generation doesn’t want perfect anymore. This caused a wave of normalization within the fashion world, which now embraces imperfections. However, in music things are still the same. Artists are still told to lose weight or fix other things for a career in music. I’m sure Lizzo has heard it too, but instead of going with it, she’s going against the grain.

Loving Yourself

Her message is simple. Work with what you got. Love it. Own it and don’t let anything stop you. So, Lizzo dances on stage like the rest of them. She wears sexy stage wear, like the rest of them. However, unlike the rest of them, she raps, sings and plays the flute, and all of which, she does extremely well. This is a multi talented artist who’s going to make a different and everyone knows it.

With Such Grandeur

Lizzo posed nude for her album cover, “Cuz I Love You”, and her album is filled with life anthems that ooze self confidence. And it’s not just an act. This is Lizzo. She has nothing to prove, but everything to share. So, it’s no problem for her telling guys off, or telling the boys she loves them. There are no issues making some demands and all of it is done with such grandeur. There’s no song on the album that hasn’t been well put together, well thought through and well executed with big sounds, a ton of soul and power. I’m sure this album empowers a lot of woman out there and it was high time the music business embraces this. Lizzo will pave the way for other. She is a born leader.

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