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Cheryl released her new single, “Let You”, recently. It’s got everybody talking.

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Cheryl in “Let Me” video

The Thing With Cheryl

It’s probably everything to do with the moment of her breakthrough as a solo artist. Unfortunately, it coincided with a divorce. But, people are obsessed about her personal life, so when “Let You” was released everybody wondered how personal it is. The song hints to a toxic relationship in which her own passive behavior made things worse. Cheryl was quick to dismiss the rumors. It’s not about her last love, with Liam Payne, but does include personal experiences.

Let You

Nevertheless, the song holds an important message to anyone. You are of great influence to how any relationship develops. Never standing for anything or drawing a line makes matters worse. You don’t want to let that happen to yourself. That last part is the message people should focus on, because it teaches self worth.

Luckily, the message is wrapped in a great musical package. The song is extremely catchy with some rhythmic surprises here and there.

Love Made Me Do It

It’s understandable to wonder how personal the song is, because Cheryl’s not afraid to hint at the state of her love life in her music. Her last single, “Love Made Me Do It”, was full of it. Personally, I love that song, but her comeback attempt went sour at a lick of her wrist. Performing the dance routine from her video on live TV didn’t go down too well with viewers, last year. Cheryl really took some time out to make sure she got it right this time, and I think she’s on the mark with “Let Me”.

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