Taylor Swift added more complexity to getting concert tickets

Written for Kurrent Music
Published September 3rd 2017

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift / Concert tickets blog

It wouldn’t have been a normal week if Taylor Swift hadn’t made any headlines. I know I’ve just blogged about her and I normally wouldn’t be writing a second blog about the same artists so quickly, but she only triggered the blog. It’s not really specifically about her.

Taylor Swift is just one of the first to try a new method of selling concert tickets. A lot of artists are trying to fight ticket scalping, but none have really found the answer. Taylor tried a system where fans have to get validated. You could do so by buying merchandise or tweeting about her. By doing so, you would prove your fanship and get access to buying tickets.

I don’t know about you, but I think buying concert tickets for big artists is the most stressful thing to do and therefore my least favorite. Ever since I’ve tried to get Beyoncé tickets, I’ve been traumatized. Tickets were supposed to start going on sale at 10 am, but apparently the queue started when the first fans started to login and click the event at midnight, so by the time the presale officially started and I entered the Ticketmaster website, the queue was a few hours long. I never even stood a chance. There was also just one queue for the whole country, so you have no other options.

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