Take That go synthpop on “Hey Boy”

Written for Kurrent Music
Published October 20th 2015

Take That

Take That – Hey Boy review

Back in the high days of Take That’s success, I too was a fan. Altogether, I was into the light hearted bubbly pop music while growing up, and didn’t really understood the pull to ‘serious’ sounding groups like U2, until much later. That’s not to say, that I didn’t like any of U2’s songs though.

Still, you could say that Take That have now switched lanes over to that side too. I recently blogged on my own website about all the changes this former boy band went through and how different the dynamics look in the group now, compared to when I was a fan.

Yes, when I was a fan. I wish, I could tell you, I turned out to be a die-hard fan who stuck by them throughout the years, but no. When they split originally, I quit. And I don’t know if I could say that “I just don’t do reunions”, but I do have trouble getting back into what groups do when they do a comeback.

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