Album review: Seal – 7

Written for Kurrent Music
Published November 9th 2015

Seal and his lucky number 7?


Seal album review

On Twitter, Seal announced it as his seventh studio album. Though that could be open for discussion, “7′ is his first original album in years. His last studio album, “Commitment”, was released in 2010 and inspired by his wife Heidi Klum. Since, the marriage has fallen apart and, the couple got divorced in 2012.

Seal’s used the writing of this album as therapy to work through the hurt and heartbreak, which comes with the end of a relationship. So, while one could say the album “7” is one of love, someone else could say it’s all about heartbreak.

He teamed up with Trevor Horn, with whom he also wrote his biggest hit “A Kiss From Rose”. He, too, used the album to deal with the emotions from the loss of his wife. Seal and Trevor go further back though, Trevor Horn also produced his first solo hit “Crazy” and the rest of his debut album, which was released after his breakthrough with DJ Adamski’s “Killer”.

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