Review: Samantha Fox – Hot Stuff

Written for Kurrent Music
Published November 23rd 2015

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Samantha Fox

Samantha Fox review

Of course, I would’ve loved to be one of the MANY music bloggers and music reviewers to deal with Adele’s new album, but, just out of curiosity, I couldn’t help but browse through the list of recent releases, to spot who dared to release anything in the same week as Adele in the first place!

To my shock, and somewhat horror, I ran into a familiar name from the 80s. Is it really? Nah, couldn’t be! Let’s have a listen, OMG, yes it is! Samantha Fox??????? And she’s singing an old disco song??? Whaaat?! How camp is this? LOL! I can’t believe she’s still at it.

There’s no way, if you are a person loving 80s music or the 80s era altogether, that you don’t know who Samantha Fox is. I remember her all too well. She was one of those girls, who was fully grown, and introduced the boys to that way too soon.

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