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Anniversary album review: Madonna – Confessions on a Dance Floor

Written for Kurrent Music
Published November 12th 2015

Madonna review

Madonna review

10 Years of Dance Floor Confessions

Oh man, I can’t believe how time flies! But this week sees the 10th anniversary of Madonna’s “Confessions On The Dance Floor”. I feel as if it were released yesterday.

It’s one of the few post “Ray Of Light” Madonna albums I liked right away. Most of the earlier albums had the same effect on me. But after “Ray Of Light” I felt, and this is so my personal opinion, that some of her song concepts were becoming weaker, like she’s running out of topics to write about.

In fact, I actually bought a special edition of “Confessions On A Dance Floor” that gave me access to the special download of a song called “Superpop” that I’ve never played again since.

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