Review: Kylie Minogue – Christmas

Written for Kurrent Music
Published December 10th 2015

My New Annual Tradition

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue review

For me, the Christmas season really begins after December 5th. This is when radio stations turn into Christmas stations and it’s publicly accepted to hang up your Christmas decorations. So, today was the day, I finally allowed myself to listen to Kylie Minogue’s “Christmas” album.

Of course, I’d already taken a sneak peek at the videos that she’s released, “Only You” (with James Corden), “100 Degrees” (with sister Dannii Minogue), “Every Day Is Like Christmas” and “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”. I loved the original songs, but was not too impressed with the covers.

It’s always difficult when an artist picks the most popular Christmas songs to cover. I’ve had many Christmases already and have built up quite  a list of Christmas favorites that I love for nostalgic reasons. It’s not Christmas without them and it’s dangerous to embark on covering them, even if you are Kylie Minogue.

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