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Written for Kurrent Music
Published September 14th 2016

Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat review

Even though it’s September and the summer is coming to an end soon, we’re enjoying some really nice hot temperatures, at the moment. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cool off at night and we’re not a country that’s fully climate controlled everywhere. So, last night, while I was having trouble sleeping, I do what I always do: Listen to music.

It’s at those times, I turn to slow R&B jams. It’s not intended as an insult, but it helps me fall asleep. It’s not that the music is dull, but the harmonies take me on a drift, and it helps that most songs are love songs to dream away with. This made me think of an artist, I recently blogged about, whose single I described as something similar.

Keith Sweat has, since, released his full album, so it was a great chance to give it a try. The album is called “Dressed To Impress” and continues with the sound that lead single “Good Love” initiated. It’s got influences of classic soul from various eras.

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