Video review: JoJo – Save My Soul

Written for Kurrent Music
Published January 10th 2016

Just Don’t Get Hooked

JoJo blog

JoJo blog

A while ago, I drew a comparison, in an article on my own website, between Ke$ha and JoJo. Both, for completely different reasons, ended up being hostages of contracts and legal battles. It’s happened to many artists. It just goes to show, that the music business is a tough business and that great talent could get tangled up to such an extent that their talent is hardly heard.

JoJo, after years of struggle, just got her career back last year and is finally regaining some ground. The singer broke through at an early age and became to youngest singer to top the Billboard charts, but her record company ended up in a legal feud, leaving JoJo’s career in limbo.

Now, she’s an adult and getting back into a business that has also changed along the way.

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