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Album review: James Morrison – Higher Than Here

Written for Kurrent Music
Published January 4th 2016

In The Here And Now

James Morrison

James Morrison review

I love my soul vocals smooth, unless it’s the old soul music, like Motown, but every time I hear the voices of people like Amos Lee and James Morrison, I’m usually hooked nevertheless. Their soul is raw, rough around the edges.

James Morrison recently criticized talent shows like X Factor for producing “Soulless” pop stars. Well, I’ll forgive him that due to the fact that he’s got twice their soul.

Still, on his latest album, “Higher Than Here” James Morrison plays with much more than soul music. There are many musical influences. The singles, taken from the album so far, “Demons” and “Stay Like This”, may give you the impression that his forced break from his music career has not brought on any change, but that’s not fully true.

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