EP review: Case – Love Jones, Vol I

Written for Kurrent Music
Published March 19th 2017


Case blog

In the Case of Love

I started following R&B singer Case on social media about 8 years ago after getting introduced to his manager. I only remembered him from “Touch Me Tease Me” and stumbled upon “Faded Pictures” with Joe, a little later. The two are still in heavy rotation on my playlists. I think that most people who love R&B know more tracks by him.

When you’re following someone on social media, you always learn a few unexpected things about them. In this case, I found out that Case is a fan of Axl Rose. What a clash of musical genres and singing styles! Somewhere along the way, he’s even decided to incorporate his name into his own. For instance, I could only find his new release when searching for Case Blaxl Rose, so I guess that is now his official stage name now.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that he has always remained uber productive when it comes to music. Now that he’s an independent artist, he sort of has to. It comes with the job.

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