Song review: Armin van Buuren – Sunny Days

Written for Kurrent Music
Published June 30th 2017

Armin van Buuren and Josh Cumbee

Armin van Buuren & Josh Cumbee review

The Summer According to Armin

I’ve been traveling on the road a lot lately, so the radio has been blasting in the car. This is a great way to reconnect with the music in the charts rather than what’s popular on streaming services. In the middle of all the tracks that are passing me by, a brand new song was catching my attention. The beginning of the song, with a slick guitar, gave me a hint of something I had completely forgotten about.

For a moment, I thought a rock group had released something sounding similar to Dire Straights in the 80s, which is music that has moved to other radio stations (for people like me, normally speaking). The impression only lasted a few seconds, because all elements of dance music were added within a heartbeat and it became clear that I was listening to the new Armin van Buuren release, which was made track of the week (and receiving the most airplay).

The track is called “Sunny Days” and even though the first notes reminded me of a completely different genre, the rest of the track is a full blown house track with a careless sound. Indeed, perfect for this summer.

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