Single review: Armin van Buuren & Kensington – Heading Up High

Written for Kurrent Music
Published February 10th 2016

A New Trend: Rock And Dance Combined?

Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren and Kensington review

Mixing rock with dance music is not exactly a match that happens often. They are far removed from each other. Then again, a few years ago, we thought the same of country and dance. It took Avicii to show us different.

So, maybe that’s what is about to happen after this collaboration. DJ Armin van Buuren has teamed up with Dutch rock band Kensington for his latest single, “Heading Up High”, and the result is pretty interesting.

It actually reminds me a little bit of the previously mentioned Avicii. There’s also something about this that reminds me of pop-rock bands. Perhaps this simply is the new pop-rock?

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