Song review: Ariana Grande & Stevie Wonder – Faith

Written for Kurrent Music
Published November 8th 2016

I have faith in a Grande Wonder

Ariana Grande / Stevie Wonder

Ariana Grande / Stevie Wonder review

Ariana Grande has had a pretty grand year. Just when 2015 was about to end, she moved to a new manager (away from her mom) and with a new team around her, she got bigger than ever. She’s attempted to show a more mature side of he, but we just had a discussion about her at the office and we still think she’s a teen idol who will have a lot of really young girls go to her shows in Amsterdam next year. It will take time before we will stop underestimating her.

Vocally, everybody knows the girl can sing, even though probably only half of us can make out what exactly she is singing. It’s no biggie to understand why so many people are keen on working with her.

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