Will.I.Am’s Power Of 3

Written for Kurrent Music
Published April 17th 2016


Will.I.Am blog

Will.I.Am is back as a juror on British TV, so there’s no better time to drop some new videos. In the last week, Will.I.Am has uploaded 3 new videos to his YouTube channel.

While the rest of the world is thinking you really have to brand yourself in one way only – be very clear about which sound you have and which audience you target – Will.I.Am is more like me. He seems to just do whatever he likes in music.

The 3 videos uploaded, serve a mix of people. “Boys & Girls”, featuring Pia Mia is the mainstream club track, with a radio friendly sound. It’s not a surprise that this video has attracted the most views, because it is the most appealing of them all, and it is exactly what you would expect from Will.I.Am.

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