Youth according to Troye Sivan

Written by Kurrent Music
Published July 22nd 2016

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan blog

There’s always that nagging suspicion that you missed something when you see a singer on YouTube, you’ve never heard of, having 39 million views on his video. This sums up my introduction to Troye Sivan.

His song “Youth” popped up on my suggestion list. The song caught my attention right away, because I have a thing for that kind of a bass. It was what caught me onto Conor Maynard, way back when, with “Can’t Say No”, so Trivan Sivan reminded me of this when I heard  “Youth”, even though the songs have nothing else in common.

Another thing that immediately caught my eye, is how openly gay Troye is in his videos. It’s undeniably evident. And no, I don’t mean by the dance moves, leather trousers, or colorful clothes etc, no, he’s standing a little closer to a boy or rubbing his hand in way you would not expect from friends. It’s refreshing, to be honest.

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