The Fugees seemed back for a minute

Written for Kurrent Music
Published July 29th 2017

The Fugees

The Fugees blog

It’s already been some time ago, but earlier this month, a radio DJ thought he was leaking a brand new Fugees track and everyone got fairly excited. Both Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill were quick to response over social media, that this was not a new track, but a song that was old and unreleased. It was no intention that this track would be made public and both made it perfectly clear that we should not carry any hopes that The Fugees might reunite.

The impact of The Fugees was big when they arrived on the scene and it’s still a shame that the group’s personal relationships caused the demise of this group. All members have built a career for themselves and Lauryn’s even got the notorious reputation of being unpredictable. She either starts shows much later (until it feels right) or cancels altogether. There’s even a term going around that you are going to “pull a Lauryn Hill” when you plan to play hooky from school or work. It’s a legacy, I guess. Don’t know if it’s the one she would like to have though…

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