Taylor Swift and Kanye West – We Are So Stupid

Written for Kurrent Music
Published June 21st 2016

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift blog

I really don’t like to talk negatively about anyone. I aim to inspire and use the opportunity I get to write about music, to talk about the music and artists who are worth listening to. And yes, at times, I try to shed light on something that’s happening in the (music) world to get people to think about something, but that’s about it.

I try not to get into the gossip and private lives of musicians, but because musicians are using this themselves to sell music, it’s difficult not to. Just think of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” and the wave of gossip it deliberately sparked about the state of her marriage with Jay Z. There’s even talk of Jay Z recording a response or the both of them doing that together.

Taylor Swift is also no stranger to blurring the lines between her personal life and her music. It’s public knowledge that she writes about her former boyfriends or even BFF’s. Her failed romances are just as much part of her image as her music.

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