Stromae calls it quits

Written for Kurrent music
Published on January 30th 2017


Stromae blog

Stromae is the biggest musical surprise that Belgium has ever produced and by far, he’s their biggest star. With “Formidable”, he conquered the world, but anyone can tell there are many sides to Paul van Haver, Stromae’s real name. He’s artistic talent goes far beyond singing and writing songs. He often shows off his dance moves and his fashion ideas.

Over the weekend, Stromae announced his retirement from the music scene. In an interview, he said his focus will fully be directed to fashion instead. His already existing record label, Mosaert, also has a fashion division and this is what he would like to extend in collaboration with his wife. They are already known for jackets and sweaters, which they now plan to export to Japan. His fans should not expect any new music any time soon.

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