Sheppard: Geronimo!

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Published on March 5th 2017


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I usually try to find artists to write about who either recently have released new music or where something else has been in the news about them that triggered a lovely blog topics or angle for a blog. But nothing is as unpredictable as a woman, so this time I just got triggered about a song that’s been getting some renewed airplay on one Dutch radio station, recently, but the track was actually a hit two years ago.

The song is “Let Me Down Easy” and it’s performed by the Australian band Sheppard. At the time, they were highly on the rise and I had high hopes for them. The catchy “Let Me Down Easy” was the follow up single to another catchy track called “Geronimo”. But I haven’t heard anything new from them since.

It turns out the band have actually had a few amazingly good reasons to not have released new singles since. They have toured with Meghan Trainor in the States and are touring with Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix in the Australian leg of their tour, this year.

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