Selah Marley’s debut “Breathe”

Written for Kurrent Music
Published September 10th 2017

Selah Marley

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The first reviews of the joint Nas / Lauryn Hill tour in the States have just started to come in and most of them mention the illusive nature of Lauryn Hill, in most recent years. So far, she has shown up for the tour, which most reporters find notable enough to mention, but if there’s a next time that she can’t make it to a gig, you don’t have to look far for replacement. Her daughter is also a pretty good singer.

Selah Marley has just become a recording artist. She features on KPR (Kyle Provencio Reingold) produced track “Breathe” with rapper IDKHIM, and she’s pretty amazing on the track.

In recent years, she already stepped into the limelight as a model and now, at age 19, she’s stepping into her mother’s footsteps under the careful guidance of her mother. Her voice is also very soulful, but lighter and clearer than Lauryn’s.

Selah’s part on “Breathe” is a lot bigger than your average feature on a track. She sings on most of the track and therefore, it’s considered to be her official first single

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