Psy does it again

Written for Kurrent Music
Published May 18th 2017


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It has been a few years since “Gangnam Style” took over the world and dominated the Internet. He got everyone talking, dancing like they are at a rodeo and got everyone fascinated by the hype. But he’s had problems follow it up by something just as major. That doesn’t mean that he’s had it bad though, but no “Gangnam Style” sensations. And no artist wants to be a one hit wonder.

When he uploaded the video for his latest effort, “I LUV IT”, it seemed that he had a winner on his hands. The view count went up to a few million in a matter of days and, yep, the international press picked it up and noted that Psy was doing it again.

The fun video for “I LUV IT” provides handy subtitles for everyone to understand the party song’s lyrics. The video itself is very entertaining and provides another dance routine for us to learn. As much as I know this type of music is very sensitive to trends and it checks all the boxes for K-Pop, I can understand why this one is standing out above the rest. It’s got a real catchy chorus, with a surprising high “ooh”, which I think is a reference to Michael Jackson.

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