Pet Shop Boys share a little bit of Happiness

Written for Kurrent Music
Published March 25th 2016

Pet Shop Boys

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Remember classics like “West End Girls”, “It’s a Sin” and “Go West”? Well, forget all those, because the Pet Shop Boys have managed to squeeze in a little bit of country in their new single, “Happiness”. It’s just a hint of the genre that comes through in the vocals,  but it’s noticeable and interesting.

“Happiness”, to me, feels like it’s quite the opposite of their last, biographical, single “The Pop Kids”. The song is missing verses and the only singing it contains are the hooks. It’s contemporary, but retro. Altogether, this feels more like an underground club track than a pop song.

Therefore, it showcases the duality that make up The Pet Shop Boys’ strong side.  It’s no surprise there, that they’ve chosen this song to be the opening song for their new, forthcoming, album “Super”.

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