Will Daft Punk launh Parcels into overnight success?

Written for Kurrent Music
Published June 22nd 2017


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For unknown artists like me, it feels like the unreachable dream to work with someone big. Everyone has those “I would like to work with <enter name here> one day”-wishes, but we feel like these people are out of reach (or just take more money than the budget allows). But Daft Punk have just proved they are truly open to work with everyone, big and small.

Berlin based Australian band, Parcels, have had their latest single produced by the popular French dance duo. The song is called “Overnight” and has, most definitely, put the unknown band on the map, overnight.

Right from the start, the song sounds like a slimmed down copy of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. It sounds a little less thick in music production compared to the massive hit, but you can’t deny you could probably sing the lyrics straight over this song. This could be a benefit to Parcels, because familiarity helps getting people attached to your band and even though the funky 70s disco pop feel is becoming a bit of a signature for Daft Punk, it’s also the sound that the Parcels rocked before this collaboration.

Their previous songs, “Allaround” and “Hideout”, also had a thin funky flavor and only the remixes are modernized by more current electronic sounds. And now, they have definitely stepped up their game with the heavy weight support.

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