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Written for Kurrent Music
Published on November 23rd 2016

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus blog

Even without seeing the name, you can tell by the high cheekbones, the nose, the lips and the eyes that she is the sister of Miley Cyrus. Noah Cyrus, after have done some acting and dancing since 2008, announced the start of a music career, exactly 7 days ago. She had signed a record deal and, immediately, released her first single on that very day. The song is called “Make Me (Cry)”.

Now, a week later, that song has also gotten an official video. I’m so happy to see Labrinth again. He duets Noah on this track. It’s been a while since I’ve seen or heard anything from him. I think I last heard from him about a year ago.

His voice is so recognizable. But, so is Noah’s! It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Noah sounds a lot like Miley, in her early days, at certain parts of the song.

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