Nicki Minaj: Hot 100 dominatrix

Written for Kurrent Music
Published March 27th 2017

Nicki Minaj

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After the whole thing about that Nicki Minaj diss track and the discussions that followed the inevitable happened: Nicki’s star status got even bigger. Immediately after being caught in the attention raised by Remy Ma, various tracks were released with Nicki’s famous featurings.

I think she’s on 3 or 4 tracks, at this time and all these tracks helped her get her name into the history books, because she is now the female artist with the most Billboard Hot 100 hits to her name. Since her debut in 2010, Nicki has got 76 songs in the charts. The last female artist to hold this record was Aretha Franklin. She’s managed to reach the Hot 100 73 times and actually hung on to this record for 70 years!

Somehow I think Nicki’s record might not have that same fate. Nicki is not the only one who’s following the strategy of doing as many featurings and collaborations, and in this day and age, constantly releasing new music. I’m sure that someone might be breaking her record a lot sooner than 70 years from now. Nevertheless, I was quite surprised that many other female artists are not even coming close to 76 Hot 100 hits. Even big stars like Madonna and Ariana Grande have not yet been able to collect that many hits.

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