Remember that Nick Jonas house jam?

Written for Kurrent Music
Published June 30th 2017

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I really thought the song, “Remember I Told You” was going to be an “I told you so”-kind of a song, but Nick Jonas, Anne-Marie and Mike Posner have created an incredible catchy, humble love song with a house beat supporting it. Not at all what I had expected.

At first glance, I wondered how this collaboration must have come about. Anne-Marie has just been rising to fame, recently, and doesn’t seem to be the obvious choice to get connected to Nick Jonas, who’s been a household name for several years. In an interview Nick sheds light on this and has explained that he specially requested her after hearing her Sean Paul collaboration, “Rockabye”.

For Anne-Marie, this track is a bit of a change from her regular repertoire. She’s got a strong voice, which usually belts over some euro dance beat. This house track is chill. It’s got a bit of soulish vibe to it, which is strengthened by Nick’s voice.

“Remember I Told You” could very well be one of those jams that will last you through the summer, but competition is fierce this year.

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