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Nelly’s the talk of the town

Written for Kurrent Music
Published October 8th 2017


Nelly blog

The biggest news in showbiz yesterday was the news about Nelly’s arrest for an alleged rape that reportedly happened the night of Friday to Saturday. A woman claims the rape happened in his tour bus that was parked on a Walmart parking lot near Seattle. He was on route to Washington, DC, where Nelly was due to perform that Saturday night.

The news was a real shock for many people in the media as well as his peers in music and has sparked many reactions ranging from support to Nelly, who immediately released a statement declaring his innocence, to people supporting the supposed victim.

These stories are always difficult and show the weaknesses of a society that we have created. For instance Akon, according to TMZ, responded to this story saying that men like him and Nelly are targets for women who think they can easily make some money accusing them of rape. That’s true, but they make themselves easy targets by picking up women everywhere. And while the women may be easy for them, most of the time, they come with this risk.

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